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Workshop games

Here are some of the games created with high school students during the video game creation workshops of this project. The point was to work on level or game design, so while most are unfinished games, they can serve as examples of what you can expect to create in 2-6 hours with students.

·         ‘Pong’ type game:

To open with Scratch:

Link to game file here.

·         ‘Flappybird’ type games (with various difficulties):

To open in your browser.



Created with GDevelop:

·         Interactive text game:

Created with Twinery.

To open in your browser:

·         Classic-looking platform games:

          Created with Flowlab:

To open in your browser:

         Created with Stencyl:

To open with Stencyl.

Game 1 link here.

Game 2 link here.

·         3D escape room type games:

Created with Core.

To open with Core:

·         Other 3D game levels:

Created with Core.

To open with Core: